About us

Our natural choices

A natural choice for a good deal and a long-term partner for the future – that is what we want to be for you, by always delivering safe products and solutions for a sustainable, wellbalanced garden.

We safeguard our relationship with you by ensuring quality and safety in all aspects, from concept to finished product and from order to delivery.

In our efforts to offer attractive overall solutions, we aim to be constantly responsive and solution-oriented and listen to the needs of you and other consumers. We get to know what the market is demanding through you, but also through our extensive national and international networks.

Our natural added values aim for sustainable, well-balanced gardens and lasting customer relations for the future. We create added value by working solely with suppliers who have recognised that high quality and premium raw materials yield results with minimum possible impact. We also create added value in cooperation with you through support in all aspects, from order to delivery, and through support in stores in the form of our competent sellers.

Welcome to our range for a well-balanced home and garden.

Our business concept is simple

We develop and market environmentally-friendly products, in leading brands, for ”homes and gardens” in Europé. We develop our own proprietary products and solutions, profitable for the entire value chain, focusing on our strong brands: Berglund, Silverline, GreenLine, Neudorff och FamilyMatters.

Miljöcenter is present in Europe with the Nordic region as our main market. We have two business areas – Retail and Professional – and have been established since 1991 in Malmö, Sweden.

Our core values are quality and safety together with a concern for the environment. Our long company tradition has given us extensive knowledge and experience – giving us momentum to continue to lead the development in the market instead of just following it.

Together we can increase the comfort of your homw and make your garden more prodigious.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a leader in sustainable products for tomorrow’s homes and gardens.

Our business concept – Miljöcenter your natural choice!

Miljöcenter sells better and safer solutions for homes and gardens including pest and weed control, heaters, composting and secure mail, with added value for the environment – in Europe.

We develop and sell more profitable in-house-developed consumer products and solutions for the whole value chain. Our brands: Silverline, GreenLine, Berglund, Blomstra and Neudorff.

Miljöcenter operates in Europe, with the Nordic region as its home market. We have two business areas – Store and Professional – and have been established in Malmö, Sweden since 1991.

Quality assurance and sustainability

We conduct our own certification tests on all electronic products with recognised certification institutes. All production output is inspected prior to delivery with regard to functionality, appearance and packaging.

  • We set high requirements for our products to maintain a high and uniform level of quality.
  • We set high requirements for how the products and solutions we offer impact on our
    surroundings and environment.
  • We work with suppliers who act responsibly.

In-house product development guarantees the best possible quality and product safety, and ensures that production is managed carefully in order to fulfil environmental requirements and manufacturing safety. All Silverline® products have CE approval and most are GS marked according to TÜV for European adaptation. They are also RoHS marked. All packaging material is recyclable.

Good working conditions and a sustainable global value chain

Miljöcenter is a member of FTA (Foreign Trade Association) and operates according to their guidelines and Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) Code of Conduct to ensure that our products are produced under good working conditions and with a sustainable global value chain.