Miljöcenter AB was established in 1991 with a business concept to supply the market with composting equipment for homeowners.

1993 Miljöcenter presented its newly developed hot composter, ”Mully” having a major impact on the market, becoming the market leader among home composters.

1997 Miljöcenter AB introduced a series of organic pesticides and fertilizers from W. Neudorff GmbH, Germany under the brand name, ”Neudorff.”  A birdfeeder series, ”Snappy” was also added at this time.

2000 Miljöcenter introduced the, ”Silverline” brand for the development and manufacture of a series of high-tech electronic repellers with the aid of a US university study of ultra-frequency sounds and how it affects pest.

2001 In the ”Silverline” brand, a line of products focused on problems with rodents are introduced.  The rodent repeller, ”Mouse & Rat Free 30”, quickly becomes a popular product among consumers.  This year ”Neudorff Snigel Effekt” is introduced in the fight against slugs becoming a national success.

2002 Miljöcenter acquires Bröderna Berglund AB Gällstad during the summer.  The company has a long tradition of craftmanship and is the oldest and largest manufacturer of mailboxes, rain gauges and other garden products in Scandinavia.

2003 Miljöcenter establishes export of their products to Finland, Denmark och Norway.

2004 The biological herbicide, ”Ogräs Effekt”, an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to existing chemical products, was introduced with great success. SilverLine products are exported to Germany.

2005 A new, unique type of floor-based heater with a carbon fiber rod, producing more heat with less energy consumption is introduced under the brand name, ”SilverLine.”

2007 Certification tool, ”Smart Environmental Choice” is introduced for products meeting established environmental standards.  A birdfeeder series under the brand name, ”Berglund” is presented.

2008 Miljöcenter moves into the newly built premises in Malmö and have thus gathered both office and warehouse facilities in one place.

2011 Miljöcenter acquires the company GreenLine Garden.  The company has a strong market position with composters and weed killers, among other garden-oriented products.

2013 GreenLine merged with Miljöcenter resulting in an addition of yet another strong brand in the Miljöcenter portfolio of environmentally smart products and solutions.

2016 will see the expansion of the Silverline brand in Europe. Miljöcenter gets new owners and is part of Volati.

2020 Miljöcenter acquires Blomstra and Wallco with a strong position in the market since 1950.