Our Brands


With two strong product Silverline® help you to enjoy the home and garden. Pest Control gardenSystem® , is a series of electronic products with proven and innovative technology, keeping the home free of pests of all kinds. With Comfort Heating gardenSystem® gets outdoor season long in the garden and conservatory . With effective direct heat that does not burn the skin , the summer long. Silverline® gardenSystem® provides you with Swedish quality and innovative technical solutions without complicated installations – for a long and enjoyable season.


Greenline provides high quality products for those who want a natural garden in the balance, with minimal impact on the environment. We do this by using products from nature itself to enrich your garden. With biodegradable gödningar , put the garden in the first place , while it runs a green thread through your choice – out of concern for the environment.

With compostable Greenline take advantage of the garden waste and then returns the natural nutrition of flowers , grass and vegetables . Pests do we fight with the environment , just as slippery combated with natural products that do not harm neither you, animals or the environment.

So put your garden and the environment first with the Green Line – a greener way to a healthy and beautiful garden .

Berglund provides quality products for the home and garden, with a focus on Scandinavian design and functional solutions in time. With Berglund’s long history as the backbone of the company, we turn safeguard the Swedish craft tradition , while we are the modern form, function and a quality that can withstand harsh Scandinavian weather conditions for many years.

Berglund manufactures mailboxes , lamps, rain gauge, bird feeders and snow tools . The range meets the tradition of the classic rain gauge ergonomic snöredskapen in modern durable materials to withstand heavy use for years to come . A simple bird feeders for seed meets the modern idiom of exclusive bird feeder .

Neudorff® keeps your garden healthy, green and free from pests and insects.  All of our products are developed with the environment in mind.  We collect many of our raw materials for our organic fertilizers and insecticides direct from nature.  For instance, our pesticides contain Pyrethrin from the chrysantemum flower and iron phosphate naturally found in the environment is used to keep snails away. The natural ingredients in Neudorffs pesticides and fertilizers help you to obtain a thriving garden with the utmost respect for nature.