1800 Wall DR IP65 TriPower

Very powerful, exclusive and energy efficient heater which gives/emit/ delivers/generates a very comfortable heat, with Silverline C-Wave Plus.

The C-Wave Plus technology in Silverlines heaters provides efficient and comfortable heat without a drying och burning feeling on the skin. The technology provides a more even heat dispersion compared to traditional heater technology.

The “Dark Radiator” gives a comfortable warmth without any light, you decide which mood light that should be present without the heater emitting any light that affects the lighting. Can be mounted on
the wall or in the ceiling.

Connects directly to a wall socket. Controlled with remote control or with buttons on the heater. IP65 rated for tough outdoor use, including rain. Three power levels, 1800, 1200 or 600 watts. Covers an area of minimum 12 m2. Timerfunction up to 9 hours. Lifelength of minimum 5.000 hours. For outdoor use.

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Product Info

  • Article Number: 26109
  • EAN: 7350007336231


Technical specifications

    Height: 165 mm
    Width: 1260 mm
    Depth: 154 mm
    Weight: 5,4 kg kg