Energy-efficient heater that provides comfortable heat using Silverline C-Wave™. One power setting and coverage of at least 6 m². For indoor use or outdoor under roof.

The C-Wave™ technology in Silverline’s heaters provides effective and comfortable heat without any drying out or burning sensation. Provides immediate documented, effective direct heat, with just half the energy consumption compared to other types of heater. The heater has one power setting and covers at least 6 m². Floor model that connects directly to a wall socket. For covered outdoor areas and other areas protected from rain.

A Silverline Comfort Heating system product.

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Product Info

  • Article Number: 26103
  • EAN: 7350007333872


Technical specifications

    Height: 790 mm
    Width: 250 mm
    Depth: 250 mm
    Weight: 2,94 kg