Cat & Dog Free™ KH 200

Keep unwelcome cats and dogs away from your garden using Silverline A-guard; no poisons needed. With automatic sweeping frequency adapted for cats and dogs.

A-Guard provides protection with the aid of varied and adapted sound. Cat & Dog Free emits an advanced audio signal with adapted frequencies and a varied acoustic pressure that scares away, repels and unsettles cats and dogs. This stresses them and creates an unbearable environment. Sound reproduction using AH-Hz™ speaker that distributes the sound in the best way in the space in question.
A built-in motion sensor covers an area of up to 12 metres in front of the repeller. Simply site in the desired location; battery powered for immediate effect.

A Silverline Pest Protect system Product.


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Product Info

  • Article Number: 25153
  • EAN: 7350007335524


Technical specifications

    Height: 147 mm
    Width: 72 mm
    Depth: 60 mm
    Weight: 0,28 kg