A-guard – ultra sound technology with unique & randomly varied frequencies. Ma200 uses an adapted ultrasonic sound technology that is activated when the built-in sensor detects an animal. The sound technology scares, repells and stresses martens. It stresses them and creates an unbearable environment they avoid.
The animals are repelled without killing it or any use of poison. The sensor detects movement up to 12 m in front of the repeller. When triggered, the sound technology will cover an area up to 200 m2. Intended for mobile and flexible use in the garden for areas that you wish to protect. Easily placed in the affected area on the supplied pole. Battery operated and protects around the clock. A product in the Silverline Pest Protect range.
Cover area up to 200 m2. Batteries 4 x 1,5V LR6 (alkaline), CE and IP44 approved.


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Product Info

  • Article Number: 25154
  • EAN: 7350007336422


Technical specifications

    Height: 147 mm
    Width: 72 mm
    Depth: 60 mm