Mjölner Mousetrap Original

GreenLine® MotMus Mjölner® Original
Easy-to-use mouse trap that has been shown to be effective.

How it works
GreenLine® MotMus Mjölner® Original has a unique back stop function that prevents the trap closing involuntarily. It only triggers once the mouse is standing with both forelegs in front of the bait and lifts the lid. The design of the mouse trap ensures that the mouse dies immediately rather than simply being injured or escaping with the bait. Approved by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

Safe trap
The technology used in the trap is globally patented and is safe for children and pets.

Respect for the environment
GreenLine® MotMus Mjölner® Original can be reused.

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the Nordic market

Product Info

  • Article Number: 75150
  • EAN: 7331204001009

Technical specifications

    Height: 55 mm
    Width: 50 mm
    Depth: 135 mm
    Weight: 0,05 kg