Miljöcenter Privacy Policy

  1. 1.General

This Privacy Policy sets out how Miljöcenter AB, registration number 556424–9018, Kvalitetsvägen 1, Arlöv, e-mail: info@miljö, (”Miljöcenter AB”, “we”) collects, uses, disseminates and retains your personal data.

1.1 The Privacy Policy applies when the Miljöcenter AB provides services and products in conjunction with purchases, servicing and other contact with the Miljöcenter AB, such as visits to the website.

1.2 You must always feel secure when you provide us with your personal data. The aim of this Privacy Policy is to demonstrate how we ensure that your personal data is processed in accordance with current personal data protection legislation.


  1. 2. Personal data controller

Miljöcenter AB is the personal data controller responsible for the processing of your personal data by the Miljöcenter AB, and it is responsible for ensuring that processing takes place in accordance with governing law.


  1. 3. When do we process your personal data?

3.1 To enable you to visit our website, purchase our products or services, or contact us for servicing or information purposes, we need to collect and process your personal data.

3.2 Miljöcenter AB collects and processes personal data about you when you make a purchase on the Miljöcenter AB website, use Miljöcenter AB support services, visit the Miljöcenter AB website, or attend an event arranged by the Miljöcenter AB, or when you in some other way come into contact the Miljöcenter AB. The information that is collected from you in conjunction with bookings and purchases is required to enable you to enter into an agreement with the Miljöcenter AB and to enable the Miljöcenter AB to provide its services and offers.

3.3 We also collect and update your address details via third-party address update services.


  1. 4. Which items of your personal data are processed?

When as a customer you make purchases and use our support services, the Miljöcenter AB collects and processes specific items of your personal data:

  • Name and identification number (civic registration number, national ID number, company registration number)
  • Address
  • Telephone number and email address
  • Payment details
  • Customer number
  • IP address and information about your use of the Miljöcenter AB website


  1. 5. Why do we process your data?

The Miljöcenter AB processes your personal data for a variety of purposes. The main purposes are:

  • Discharging our obligations to you as a customer, e.g. completion of a purchase, invoicing and support provision;
  • Facilitating general customer care and service as well as answering questions and rectifying inaccurate data;
  • Providing information and targeting the marketing by post, email, SMS/MMS and telephone of goods and services provided by the Miljöcenter AB and selected partners
  • Managing our relationship with you as a customer and providing our services;
  • Providing relevant information and adapted offers in newsletters and on our website;
  • Assessing which methods of payment we can offer you, e.g. by making credit appraisals;
  • Improving our customer offer by, for example, developing services, products and functions;
  • Preventing fraud and implementing risk management;
  • Complying with governing law, such as bookkeeping legislation.

The data could also form the basis for marketing and customer analyses, market surveys, statistics, business follow-up, and business and method development related to the purchase of goods and services.


  1. 6. Legal grounds for processing your personal data

6.1 The Miljöcenter AB processing of your personal data is based on a number of legal grounds. These are set out in this section.

6.2 We process, among other things, your personal data in order to discharge our contractual undertakings to you as a customer, and to make bookings and purchases.

6.3 Part of the processing of personal data by us is based on what is termed a balance of interests. This applies, for example, to the processing we carry out in order to send offers to you about our goods and services, and to facilitate a certain degree of customer segmentation, e.g. based on purchasing amounts. The Miljöcenter AB does not apply a balance of interests to the processing of sensitive personal data and therefore does not carry out any processing that constitutes profiling based on a balance of interests.

6.4 In some cases, the Miljöcenter AB could have a legal obligation to process your personal data. This applies, for example, to personal data processing that we carry out to satisfy the stipulations set out in the Accounting Act.


  1. 7. How long do we retain your data?

7.1 Your personal data is only retained for as long as there is a need to retain it in order to satisfy the purposes for which the data was collected in accordance with this Integrity Policy. The Miljöcenter AB could retain the data for longer if this is necessary in order to comply with statutory requirements or to safeguard the Miljöcenter AB legal interests, e.g. if legal proceedings are in progress.

7.2 The Miljöcenter AB retains customer data for a maximum of 36 months after the customer’s most recent purchase, or after it has integrated in some other way with the Miljöcenter AB.


  1. 8. To whom do we provide personal data?

8.1 The Miljöcenter AB could disseminate your data to a third party, such as a Miljöcenter AB company, other partners, or suppliers of card and communication services. The Miljöcenter AB could also disseminate your data to companies that provide address update services to ensure we have your correct address.

8.2 A third party to which the Miljöcenter AB disseminates information, or provides information about a customer in some other way, may only use the information for the purpose of selling and marketing services or products provided by the Miljöcenter AB, Miljöcenter AB partners and Group companies, or for the purpose of providing services linked to a Miljöcenter AB agreement with you as a customer.

8.3 Personal data could also be disseminated by the Miljöcenter AB if it is necessary in order to comply with prevailing legal requirements or official directives in order to safeguard the Miljöcenter AB legal interests or to detect, prevent or highlight fraud, other security matters or technical problems.

8.4 The Miljöcenter AB could transfer your personal data to a country outside the EU/EEA if any of the Miljöcenter AB suppliers or partners is operating in that country. If personal data is transferred to a country outside the EU/EEA, the Miljöcenter AB will take measures to ensure the personal data continues to be protected, as well as any necessary measures to lawfully transfer personal data to countries outside the EU/EEA.

8.5 We will not sell your personal data to a third party unless we have your consent to do so.


  1. 9. Amendment of the Privacy Policy

The Miljöcenter AB is entitled to amend the Privacy Policy at any time. The Miljöcenter AB will, on providing reasonable notice, inform you of any amendments to the Privacy Policy. If you do not approve the amendments, you are entitled to give notice of termination of the agreement with the Miljöcenter AB before the amended Privacy Policy comes into force. Notice of termination of the agreement is given by contacting the Miljöcenter AB.


  1. 10. Protection of your personal data

You should always feel secure when you provide us with your personal data. The Miljöcenter AB has therefore taken the requisite security measures to protect your personal data against unauthorised access, amendment and erasure. All data about customers is retained in a database protected by authorisation controls and firewalls.


  1. 11. Your rights

11.1 The Miljöcenter AB is responsible for ensuring your personal data is processed in accordance with prevailing legislation.

11.2 The Miljöcenter AB will, at your request or initiative, correct, deidentify, erase or supplement data that is discovered to be incorrect, incomplete or misleading.

11.3 You are entitled to request from the Miljöcenter AB

  1. a) Access to your personal data. This means you are entitled to request an extract from a register relating to our processing of your personal data. You are also entitled to receive a copy of the personal data that is being processed. You are entitled once every calendar year to submit a written, signed application to receive, free of charge, an extract from a register showing which parts of your personal data are registered, the purpose of the processing, and the names of the parties to whom the data has been disseminated or will be disseminated. You are also entitled to receive information in the register extract about where the information has been collected if it has not been collected from you, and the estimated period of time the data will be retained, or the criteria used to set this period. You are also entitled to receive information in the register extract about your other rights, as set out under this item.
  2. b) Rectification of your personal data. We will at your request rectify as quickly as possible any errors or incomplete data that we process about you.
  3. c) Erasure of your personal data. You are entitled to request that your personal data be erased if it is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. However, there could be legal requirements, in the Accounting Act and in tax legislation for example, whereby we are not permitted to erase your personal data immediately. In that case we will conclude any processing that is being carried out for purposes other than to ensure compliance with current legislation.
  4. d) Processing restriction. Your personal data is labelled in a way that it may only be processed for specific reasons. You can, amongst other things, request that a restriction be imposed when you consider your data to be incorrect and you have requested rectification under point

11.3 b) above. Whilst the correctness of the data is being investigated, processing of the data in question will be restricted.

11.4 The Miljöcenter AB will notify each recipient of personal data, as stated under point 9 above, about possible rectification or erasure of data as well as any data processing restriction.

11.5 You are entitled to data portability. You have a right under certain circumstances to receive and transfer your personal data in a structured, generally used and machine-readable format to another personal data controller.

11.6 You are entitled to object to personal data processing by reason of a balance of interests. If you object to such processing, we will only continue the processing if there is a justified reason for processing that outweighs your interests.

11.7 If you do not wish your personal data to be processed for direct marketing purposes, you are always entitled to object to such processing by sending an email to When we receive your objection, we will cease processing your personal data for the marketing purposes in question.

11.8 You are entitled to file complaints regarding the processing of your personal data with the Swedish Data Protection Authority.


  1. 12. Cookies

We use cookies on our website. You will find more information about how we process cookies in our Cookie Policy.


13.Contact information

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the processing of your personal data, or if you wish to request a register extract.

Contact details:

Miljöcenter AB

Kvalitetsvägen 1

232 61 Arlöv

Telephone: +46 (0)40-668 08 50